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Fire Up the Machines!

This is a one stop shop blog for everything about carbide dies and tooling, machine shops and machining. Our focus is on the carbide die industry but we won’t be stopping there, the world of machining is a big one. Also look for links to machining resources, tips on general machining and even a bit about the state of manufacturing in the US. 

So if your new to machining or an old hat, this will be one of your stops on the web. So fire up that mill, lathe and grinder as well as your laptop! It’s a new age of CNC machining and an ancient art form all wrapped into one.

Thanks for finding us!
The Carbide Dies Blog

Get your news and information about tool and die. From whats in your machine shop to why use a carbide dies. Information from dies 101 to carbide extrusion dies 440 (That’s college talk for highly skilled apparently). Some of the first posts with broad topics will be for beginners, while following posts will dig into specific subjects. You can guess by the names of the articles. So an article titled “Draw Dies” will be the basics while another article called “How much impact is enough in cold forming” will be a more advanced article. You get the drift. Thanks for checking out the Carbide Dies Blog!