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Many manufacturing companies, in the US, are finding it difficult to stay competitive in today’s recovering economy. The rough

CNC Machining Careers

CNC Machining Careers

business climate has forced companies to find remedies ranging from outsourcing of production overseas (often compromising the quality of products) to seeking tax incentives that entice companies to stay local.

Automation is another solution that is helping to give companies a competitive edge without the need to outsource work. Also, more automation opens up new job opportunities, as more businesses are now in need of skilled technical workers to perform jobs associated with new automated CNC (computer numerical control) processes. These skilled technicians will understand how to program CNC equipment as well as load parts and oversee their operation, they won’t be just button pushers. An increase in new CNC positions is showing up in current job listings while schools and training facilities are in turn responding to meet the increase demand for these newly sought skills.

CNC Machines are replacing older methods of creating parts in many fields. With CNC, something commonly manufactured with a manual lathe can now be produced in mass numbers, effectively automating many processes and saving companies money and time. Tool and die companies, for example, have largely automated production of dies. CNC machining can be combined with more traditional methods in some industries, however, CNC have only had minimal impact on other industries like carbide die manufacturing. (Carbide Die Industry)

Jobs available to workers with knowledge of CNC systems include: CNC Machine Tool Programmers and Operators, Process Engineers, Welding Engineers, CAD/CAM Programmers, Tool Makers, Die Makers and Lathe or Mill Operators.

By Dave Sader